Need script/bot that can:: check if email in use via smf email reset form

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    Jul 6, 2014
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    I need a bot/script that can do this:

    Take a word from a dictionary spreadsheet and add it to (Atsymbol)y.z (x being the dictionary word, (Atsymbol)y.z being an email domain I choose) then take that email and input it to a forum reset form (simple machines forum reset form to be specific.)

    If that email is in use, (returning the message: A mail has been sent to your email address. Click the link in that mail to set a new password.), then log the email in a spreadsheet or txt document.

    If that email is not in use, (showing the message "An Error Has Occurred! That username does not exist.")
    then simply go on to the next word in the dictionary spreadsheet.

    So the bot/script will go through every word from the dictionary spreadsheet until finished while logging emails in use.

    Will pay small amount in bitcoins, will pay up front after video proof.