Need reputable member that is good in niche sites!!!


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Jun 18, 2010
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Hi all.

I am in need for reputable member that is good in niche sites creation.

I am a niche researcher and SEO expert. You can find examples of my work in here :

I have some VERY good niches that I cant simply publish in my thread as they will get saturated in no time.

I don`t have time to promote them and create websites as I am over-flooded with other jobs and projects, promoting existing websites and I will be offering service in BHW soon...

What I can give you :

I can give you untouched niches - I will find niches with matching domains.

What You need to do :

Create autoblog or whatever your tactics are, and perform some SEO to get traffic.

As I will work with you and I will see some good results I will send one of my employees to do SEO for this autoblogs. But first I need to see some results.

I can give you around 50 niches. All of them getting decent traffic.
You need buy domains and take care of hosting and SEO on the beginning. As I said I will take care of basic SEO later on if I will see that this relationship is going well...

We will split earnings on 50/50. As I said above you are free to use tactics to suits you - if it is CPA L3ad or Ad Sense, don`t matter form me.

Moneymaking account will be on your name - that is why I am looking for reputable members. I need from you some track of your posts. In BHW or any other reputable forum.

Waiting for offers.
I can consider more than 1 person to do this.

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