Need recommandations: Paid (But cheap) Anon Proxy list.

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    Feb 24, 2011
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    Hi guys,

    I intend to be scraping sites that don't like to be scraped. Ie. A-m-aa-Zone , f-r-00{G}le and others for pricing data. So a paid subscription for a vpn or proxy service is not going to work for me since these sites continually ban them. I wrote a program to test if the anon proxy has or has not been banned yet to generate a still working list..

    I am looking for a paid service that will email large working anon proxies level 4 or 5 only sorted into usa and canada. I tried one service but their huge list sorted by speed does not include proxy type so it might as well be made up addresses. Thier tech support says this is coming in the future. this list would have been great as it is mailed daily. At 24.95 yr/ it would not have been a bad deal.

    Basically I need:
    1) List mailed to me often so i can download and parse.
    2) Large list of current anon-proxies level 4 or 5 ( I do not need https). Need 200-500+ fresh daily min.
    3) Sorted by Country or at least country included so i can parse it.

    4) I also intend to do some white and grey hat SEO (and possible black) so that capability in the future would be nice. But not needed ATM.

    Cheap would be nice. Would prefer a yearly fee like 25$-50$ or a low cost fee of 4.95 month.

    Can anyone recommend Anything like this?

    Thanks in advance
    Mr Scraper