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Nov 5, 2012
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I might need some positions in fashion/design magazines. Everything from sites like to is acceptable. If you think you can get us a link/story published there please let me know in the thread (do not pm me with random offers)

We have the budget, we need the quality. No PBNs, no fake sites, no spammed sites, no comment links, no WEB 2.0s, no no-follow links
Hey, I have an Instagram fashion related account with over 20k followers. I don't know if that would help, but anyways, PM me
if you're interested.

Good luck man
I have fashion related website with 150K monthly traffic... i can put banner ad there ... pm me or add me on skype: dubiads
He is asking for or cosmopolitan and you guys are offering social media shit from unknown brands? Way to go boys
He is asking for or cosmopolitan
Yes, this is the quality we need but we can accept any US/EU blog/site that has a traffic and high DA/PR.
The guy that PMd got the answer and a person with Instagram account, thanks for the offer but we do not need that.

Did I mentioned that we have the budget?:)
Get in touch with the managers @ hearst man. They are the owners of the main magazines:

If you really have the budget as in tens of ks, you should simply phone them up and get a proposal to them, I've dealt with the director of condenast, another branch (vogue etc) and they are all approachable.
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