Need price advice for a recent project

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    Hey guys,

    I am working on a new project which will change the movie streaming game forever and i need some opinions.

    What if there was a:
    API to show full HD (1080P) videos on your website with 2 single lines of code.

    This would work with including a JS file. After that you can display movies as simple as <div id="showMovie">tt1234567</div>.

    That single line of code would instantly start streaming the movie with that id.

    Would you pay for this service? How much would you spend monthly to have this code? Or would you rather have a "free" version where the stream will show ads? Would you prefer the "earn $xx for" views?

    I am very close to finishing this project and i am thinking about keeping it private or go big and spread it like hell.

    As side note the stream will be very high quality as in video/audio quality but also as in speed. No buffering whatsoever.

    Also anonymity will be priority 1. There will be no source pad to the video or where it is coming from ( yep really! ).

    P.s. This project is pure for educational purpose ;-)!

    Give me your feedback!