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    I need pligg links.
    If you have a strong, established (non only fresh) database of pliggs, with established accounts, and you can help me, please pm me the details.
    Price, the number of unique domains etc.

    I want drip feed blast. 100-500 links/day.
    What I don't want:
    Fresh accounts with my links only
    50000 links blasted on one day

    I will provide you the url, keywords, you will write the post and send the posts. (not comments)

    You will send me your daily riports with live links.

    Payment: You are allowed to set up "milestones" - x amount of links eg, and I will paypal the money AFTER you sent me the reports and I checked the links.

    Please let me know:
    The number of unique domains in your db?
    The software to want to use. (Iwant to know it will pin or not etc)?
    How do you want drip feed?
    Milestones and prices for them.
    The final price.

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