Need pictures of girls


Jul 20, 2011
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I need pictures of beautiful women that are not available anywhere else online.

  • images must be of beautiful 18-30 year old women
  • images must be NOT available ANYWHERE else online, totally unknown to image search engines (the most important criteria I have)
  • images must be nude and some with clothes on
  • 20-50 images required

I can pay $50 per image set and have enough cash on hand to buy 10 sets, this is a total of $500 in earnings for you IF you can provide images that meet my above requirements.

It is VERY important that these images are unknown to the rest of the internet, with no Google image search results history.

Please private message me your EMAIL ADDRESS / SKYPE / AIM / MSN / YAHOO / IM details.

I can pay you through paypal, but I also have an account and can use them as a trusted and secure 3rd party so you know you will be paid for your work.
I will send you the 25 pictures within 48 hours after you send the money to my paypal or else I will refund the money.
Hey, OP...not sure how unique a lot of these will be but you may want to check out This Thread. This member uploaded a ton of pics of girls today.
GO to Google Images for the better n desireable pics.

read the part of my post where i said these can't be from google images both because a) why wouldnt i do it myself and b) it undermines another aspect of my project

these pictures must be completely unknown on the internet
Please don't personal message me and expect a reply because I can't respond I have less than 15 posts.

I can read your Skype address and add you so its best to just PM me that.
You can do that by yourself with ScrapeBox, addon Google Image Grabber.

I am very much interested. I will do it for low pric3.

Add me on skype : gobi4624
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