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    I know nothing about html or css and I don't have time to get into it now so how do you exactly advertise on google without building a landing page to advertise? My ads currently has a QS of 1 because I'm direct linking... Is there other method to advertise on google with out using a landing page and still getting a nice QS on your ad? Any black hat method I should know about? Sorry if I post it in the wrong section, if it is in the wrong section mod please remove this :D
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    I never really learned HTML but I'm pretty damn good at it now.

    I use HTTrack to rip other landing pages, edit what I need, and reupload as my own. Just do a control F for the text you want to change on the page, change it, save it, check how it looks, redo it if you need to, etc.

    Google "Httrack" and it will be the first result.
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    I'm pretty good with html and I pretty much taught myself the same way that Jared255 did. It's pretty easy to grab the source from a page that's similar to what you want and then just do minor edits to change links, images, etc. For a simple site you can just view the source and save it and then grab any css or other related files that show in the source. For a larger site then httrack can be a really good tool. You can even use it to pretty much create a static html version of a wordpress site or other scripted website. Httrack is a pretty useful tool for things like that.

    It really doesn't matter whether you know html or not if you just want to make a quick website or landing page. It can be helpful down the line, but a lot of people don't know any html when they first start. That's why scripts like WordPress are so popular. You can install WP, upload a theme, then start posting your content within about 15 to 30 minutes without having any prior knowledge at all.

    If you need a website for the marketing method you want to use, then just set up a WP site to start and then learn how to change things as you go along. There's even a lot of themes that are designed specifically for creating landing pages. It really isn't that hard to set up, and anything you don't understand can be figured out with a few searches on google.

    Since you did ask for other ideas, here's another thing you could do. Try out some article marketing, but don't just create a bunch of articles direct linking to your product or offer. That won't help get you listed in the SERPs. Instead submit a few articles to some article directories or use them to create a few free blogs and include the direct links in those. Then treat those few articles as your landing pages. All the other article submissions you make don't include direct linking to your offer, instead include links to those first few articles. The same goes for all your backlink building, make the backlinks for those few articles your treating as landing pages. If you do that then you can end up ranking some of those articles in the SERPs and get some SE traffic flowing to them.

    I don't really recommend doing it that way unless you just absolutely can't somehow set up your own domain. The advantage is that your cost is $zero. The disadvantage is that your depending on those other sites to keep your content up. If a page gets removed, or the offer your promoting ends then all the work you did becomes useless.

    If you're promoting your own domain then you're in control of it. If you have a problem with your host you just move your domain to a new one. Since all the promotion is pointing to your domain then they'll still be good links as long as you have the domain regardless of where you host it. Also if something happens to the offer you're promoting then you can just change the links on your landing page to point to a similar offer. In other words you keep control of the promotional efforts that you've done. If anything changes then the work you already did before the change can still be useful for you.
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