Need non-working phone number for forms for a specific USA area code - HELP please

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    Apr 3, 2013
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    Hello, all. This is my first post here 'tho I have browsed threads trying to find a solution for my problem but no luck that I can see.

    I need a non-working phone number for area code 616 (or 269) just for filling out pesky forms that insist on a phone number. Some sites I've found don't offer specific area codes. I'm referring to those forms for such things as insurance quotes online etc.

    Don't want to "make up" a number as I was victim once to someone who dreamed up a number ... and it was mine.
    I really can't afford to sign up for a service; plus, the ones I've seen seem to want my number to forward the calls to. Not sure about the risk of telemarketing.

    Hoping not to have to spend the $$ to buy a prepaid cell like TracPhone just for the sake of getting a number.

    Thanks in advance !! FWIW, I abhor telemarketers and it's gotten to the point that the internet "demands" a phone number.