Need My BHW Fam's Advice

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    Ok i recently setup a blog with a few twists and to my surprise its doing better then i expected.

    NOW the monetization question...

    My visitors are mostly young people teens or early 20's ,
    Its already monetized with adsense and will soon have a service people could pay for
    But i need an extra source of income that will start generating money now because im a little bust at the moment...

    Thinking like this , amazon ads will just make the blog look unattractive in my opinion and people arent on the blog to buy.
    I definitely think clickbank is a no no , because young people aren't really into those desperate scum of the earth clickbank offers
    ( BUYYY NOWWW TO EARN $123456789 -__- )

    So maybe a good PPC ? but what is a good ppc network that will be easy to get approved on, at the moment networks taboola wont accept because site is new??

    Correct me if im wrong in what i said and share some advice :rolleyes: