Need mmo game private server made!

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    I'm gonna go straight to the point, I want to build a dragon nest (MMO) private server version , possibly with a more updated version such as Korean version. Which I don't have any skill nor knowledge at programming or getting the files or data needed. So what I need is a DEVELOPER/HACKER in this project to MAKE this server based off the official one. And I will be the publisher/hoster/Sponsor of this private server.

    Current status of Dragon nest private server:
    There is only 2 private so far .

    Which mean there isn't any server side files for dragon nest available.

    You, as the private server developer will receive a HIGH usd amount upon official launch of the private server, and/or you will have a high profit sharing on this project which by experience i know is quite alot. Just know i AM willing to pay quite alot for this project.

    If interested then
    contact me on skype :darkrazeen