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Need Mentor & Potential Business Partners (owner of e-commerce apparel business)

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by SirOct, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. SirOct


    Sep 12, 2012
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    Basically, I'm a looking for help from someone experienced in Facebook, especially in the black hat methods/tricks. Why help me? Well, I'd really like to find someone who sees potential in what I have to offer and willing to help guide myself or even potentially partner up in an e-commerce business or just like idea of taking a bright newbie under their wing.

    To start off, I believe I'm decent with white label marketing (correct forums terms? ha) and have had some great success in using that to sell products, with the biggest sellers being shirts involving Free Payton (NFL coach) and a Chick-fil-a spoof. I'm a very sharp fast learner/recent college graduate with 3 degrees in business including marketing, but one thing I'm very new to the game at is online marketing, especially black hat variety.

    I've been sifting through these forums to learn all I can ,and I plan on doing so at least a couple hours every day. The knowledge here is just so damn extensive. I think there is huge potential by effectively using methods & knowledge here combined with my creativity and my business. I have the wholesale accounts, thousands of dollars invested in equipment, inventory, storage, business licenses etc to create single order t-shirts or 100s of t-shirts/other apparel. I also have experience in web development with ability to create very powerful, professional, clean e-commerce websites in very little time (as I've already done most of that work for my existing businesses).

    I think it's about time I put all that I have invested in to good use. I'm willing to hand over large percentages of sales (20-50%) or profits (75-100%) drawn up on legal documents to those who can help me. I've got a few systems in mind. You help me make money, I help you make money - which we can work on a system to keep everyone as honest as can be. Or if you're simply just willing to let me ask you annoying newbie questions for free, I'd love to have your help as well.

    For the purposes of honesty and ensuring a good relationship or partnership, I'd appreciate these attributes:
    - Fluent in English
    - Live in the U.S.
    - 6 months+ involvement on these forums
    - Age 21-35
    - Able to take blunt criticism and dish it out
    - Sense of humor
    - Entrepreneurial spirit

    Feel free to leave your Skype if you want to talk. Sorry if this post comes off as ridiculous/asking too much.