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    May 31, 2009
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    I am looking for other webmasters / webdesigners / site creators who are
    interesting in joining a SEO-DEV-TEAM.

    Currently we have approximatly 10-15 active members and 10 or so other
    members who just contribute in small ways.

    We are looking for coders, Joomla + Wordpress site creators, graphic
    designers, Affiliate owners, Server administrators, Hosting providers,
    and tons more.

    If you do not feel you are qualified to be a team-member you are probabaly
    wrong! We will teach you how to become successful at
    SEO/Marketing/Advertising (whatever you wanna call it). Our demands are not
    high. if you can a one page story you can still help our team grow and benifit
    from us.

    Serious inquerys only

    Contact me via:
    AIM: Gambino135 <-- best way to immediaty get ahold of me
    MSN: [email protected] <-2nd best
    EMAIL: [email protected] <-- worst