Need mathematician(Study level or higher) for Coding problem

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    Hello i need a mathematician for a pretty Complex Coding problem - if you have high skill and know a bit how to code or maybe only know how to solve it contact me

    we have the following problem:

    We have 200 Items which you can get in 20 Packs means average 10 Items per Pack there exist 5 Different Level of Items ( rarity ) the highest level is 1x in a pack the 2. Highest 1-2x the 3. highest 2-4x the 5. highest 3-6x

    so there are 200 unique items and overall 20 packs and there exist 5 rarity levels

    Example Cardgames

    You open a Cardpack - you get an Unique card which has a given rarity, this Card can be Holographic or not Holographic and the Cards Quality Level can be very bad / bad / ok / good / very good

    so you have different factors what the card can be

    you have give 100% Random values to every Item means

    you have a Card1 the Sum out of Very bad / bad / ok / good / very good should be 100% but the values for every item are totally random BUT they are in a range means very bad for example the range is 30-50% bad is 20-40% ok is 15-30% and so on. because you always get a Quality of a card no matter which.

    i have to tell you a lot more if you are a rly goot mathematician/coderand want to earn some money - contact me
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    I'm studying Economics at Cambridge University, I will PM you as I think I can help.