Need marketing people - opportunity for marketers/affiliates - earn passive income

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    Hey all, I'm lazy, this is what I posted in craigslist, but I wanted to offer it to you guys, see what you thought, see if anyone wanted to participate or had some input.

    One thing I'll point out is that I will have web site templates available in the form of preconfigured wordpress installations which will already have common plugins/themes installed, such as SEO plugins, caching plugins (faster site speed), potentially wp-robot, and things like that. It could be an opportunity for someone to create/sell some autoblogs or something like that, as I run my own servers, I don't care what goes on as long as you don't mess with the performance for other users, and I don't get copyright/warez/cp complaints from my host.

    Edit: Disclaimer, this is *not* intended to be self promoting, sales, etc, when I'm ready to fully promote my *services* I'll be making a BST, in the mean time focus on what I'm looking for, sales/marketing peopel.

    That said, give this a gander and let me know if you want to hear more, catch me anytime in IRC!

    ------Start Craigslist Blurb-------

    I run several web servers and provide quality, reliable web hosting for people who need web sites. These could be small business owners, musicians, community forums, etc. As I mentioned earlier, I host sites starting at $10/mo unmanaged, and go to anywhere between $30-100/mo depending on how much help people need in setting up, managing, and generally running their web site. The business opportunity I am providing relates to selling and promoting my services.

    If you act as an affiliate and refer someone to me who uses my services, you will earn a 10-15% commission of the user's monthly costs for as long as they are using my services. If you refer someone who buys a site for $50/mo, you earn $5-7.50/month, constantly. While one referral may not be much, this amount can add up over time, and in a couple of months you make have $50-200 in passive income, every month.

    While that by itself is a decent opportunity, I've decided to make it a little better! I also will have the aspect of Multi Level Marketing (MLM). Affiliates will have the opportunity to find other people and invite them to become an affiliate themselves. If you recruit another affiliate, you earn between 3-5% of their monthly commissions as well. This also applies to any customers you have referred, as they automatically have the option to earn commissions for referrals, in essence paying for their services and eventually being passive income for them as well. For you, if you recruit an affiliate, they are linked to your account, so if they make the same $50/mo referral you did, they still earn the $5-7.50/month, but you also make $1.50-2.50/mo from their sale. The chain may go one level deeper (1% of third level referral sales), but that still has not been determined yet.

    One thing I will point out is that MLM has its downfalls and bad press due to sometimes being set up as pyramid schemes or being highly recruitment-oriented, earning the majority of your income just by recruiting people. One of the biggest signs of a pyramid scheme is that it is economically mis-balanced to the point that the entire pyramid will cease to function if new members are not recruited. This creates a never ending flow of money from the bottom to the top with the late participants losing money. While there is a lot of power in recruiting people, my system does *not* depend on recruiting people, and in no way can collapse due to low recruitment. Economically it is built so that users are rewarded for sales beneath them in their "downline," but the users below are not paying anything to be a part of this system, all income is from the sale of services. The worst thing that can happen in my system is that several affiliates sign up, no sales are made, and nobody makes any money, but that's it, nobody loses their "initiation fee," "licencing fee," or has to pay for any extra merchandise.

    As much as I hate cliches, I'd like to say this is a no-risk opportunity. If you participate you spend no money up front, you have no pressure to sign up affiliates under you, although you are more than welcome to, if you make a sale you earn your commission, if you sign up some affiliates and they make a sale you earn a commission on their sale, and they make as much on the sale as you would have if you made the sale. If you decide you don't want to be a part of the system any longer you just stop selling, though you can still receive payments as long as I have contact information for you.
    -----end craigslist blurb---------

    So, all that said, I know there are people promoting hostgator and stuff like that, I'd like to provide services to take their places. A couple items to note:

    1. No overselling: users should not be able to affect other user's site performance due to having servers too crowded. All web servers are run on VPSs and are expanded as needed. If one gets too crowded or loaded sites will be moved to ensure proper performance.

    2. Performance: Always running the best I can get, I aim for efficiency, servers will (when possible) run things such as wp-super-cache (less server load) and nginx (to serve the static content faster and easier than apache can) Also, as soon as it is financially feasible, all mysql databases will be run off their own VPS/Dedicated server as it will free up a lot of resources otherwise usable by the web servers. Note, this is not to facilitate overselling as I said above, but to ensure everyone gets the top performance.

    3. Free Hosting! Sell some hosting then use the credits for your own hosting!

    4. Potential Anonymity: If you do something it item 3 and never take a payout, I don't know who you are other than by email address. It's possible you can have hosting with no paper trail if you want to cover your tracks somewhere...just don't cause me trouble, I don't want to deal with DCMAs or other trouble from my hosts.
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