Need Malaysia Photo ID(Driving License) for remove PayPal limits


May 16, 2012
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I Need Malaysia Driving License for remove PayPal limits. Because I already submit a Fake or Photoshop Passport. After submitting, I got this:

Is there any one who can help me in this issue... Obviously I'll pay you few bucks. Thanks
How much is few bucks? How much can you spend? My partner does this kind of work often.
I buy the Utility Bill from someone name John Ali for 20$. Also was agreed to pay same amount for passport if it works. But unfortunately it didn't work. So will to pay around 20-30$ if it works. Otherwise will honor for the handwork. Thanks
I can get you a Malaysian Driving License edited pic :) How much are you willing to pay? Inbox me asap and we can remove your limit.!
There's a user here on BHW called SecondEye.

He does a lot of PayPal stuff - not sure about Malaysia though.
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