Need Longterm Journalist for my Newsblog

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    Hello i am creating a Newsblog like

    You should know which topics have Viral potential and you should know on what the internet community is laughing at, 9Gag stuff, Thug life Videos and so on i hope you know what i mean
    just look at the topics on Ladbible

    You should have access to actual Content in several themes:

    Funny / Entertainment / news / technology / Sports + Good/Funny Videos/Pictures

    everything should be whitehat, Pictures and Content

    Your job is:

    You work like a Journalist, you provide News from other pages around the world, our writers will Write an article for it ... you give the sources like Twitter quotes / Articles and so on from several sources you also have to Provide Video and Picture material which i can use completly Legal i am 100% whitehat

    i am searching for someone who is experienced in this kind of work and want to work in long term.

    you should also give me some references or proofs of your work and that you have done trades before
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