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Apr 17, 2007
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I usually upload 3+ videos a week and I need a long term likes/favorites supplier. I'm looking to pay around $5 for 1000 likes & 1000 favorites for each video. Thats how much I'm paying right now to another seller. My issue with them is they take 3-5 days to give me these likes & favorites per each video and that is too long to hit the charts. I'd like someone that can provide it in 1-2 days. I usually order a good 3,000 likes/faves - 5,000 each video. Thats $15-$25 per video you'll get from me. And like I mentioned before its at least 3 vids a week.

If you charge more than mentioned, feel free to still let me know. I'm looking for a honest seller that can provide it long term. I know there are people on fiverr that do it cheap but most of the time they can only provide 1,000-2000 each video. I need more like 3,000-5,000 likes. Thanks
With that amount of money, I prefer to go work in MCDonalds...
There's no way youre getting the likes in that amount of time for that type of $$$
There's no way youre getting the likes in that amount of time for that type of $$$

Look on Fiverr. Got 2,000 likes for $5 from 2 different sellers today :)

How much is the average price of likes? Maybe I'm just spoiled?!?
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