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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by frankstan, Jul 15, 2014.

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    I have build some web2.0 but it doesn't have good result. Then I bought some pbn now I' ranking page one but the problem is some of the pbn links would be deindexed by google in a short time, some sellers have a long TAT and doesn't agree to replace all of them, so guys what should I do to push my site to top and stay there for a long time?
    1. Buy some web2.0 or all in one service
    2. Buy some sape links
    3. Build my own pbn, but I don't have enough budget now
    Some sellers said would replace all links but some would not, is there any service offering the real permanent pbn links, means they would replace the deindexed links quickly. Thanks for every advice.
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    First you ask the seller to remove your link from deindexed blogs. Don't buy PBN service if any seller provides the reports. If someone provides reports then the network is not private.

    1. Get some link diversity links to your naked urls.
    2. Build Web2.0/Contextual links to your keywords and now add sape or PBN links in Tier2 for safe rankings.

    This strategy works if you plan them carefully. You can check out my DD packages for good Authority links:
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    I think you should make your web 2.0 stronger with more articles and tier 2 links. Build more type of links: high pr bookmarks, articles directory and guest post if possible. Then build slowly your pnb: Find a good expired domain, buy it with a coupon and host him on a 1$ cheap host and do it each week. It will not cost you a lot and you will rank.
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    First, don't focus on building one type of backlink. Buy those web 2.0 backlinks and strengthen their link power with tons of backlinks from automated tools.

    You can get cheap backlinks to funnel link juice through tiers by purchasing backlink packages from services like One Hour Backlinks. You can also get the same backlinks from Fiverr but it generally takes longer to receive your report if you buy them from Fiverr. These backlinks are usually forum profiles, blog comments, and wiki posts.

    After that, purchase PBN posts from High PR Society or Rank Hero. These are services that will replace your links asap if the domains they are on get deindexed.

    You can also try SAPE links but don't point them at your site. Instead, use them as tier 2 or tier 3 links to your web 2.0 backlinks which then link to your site.

    Hope this helps.
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    For one of my websites with easy keywords only High pr blog manual commenting did the magic.. I used scrapebox for harvesting links.