Need jv partner/investor maybe??

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    ok so check it.

    I've got amazing relationships with a couple of networks (just went through the 1 yr mark) and Ive been running some - ahem - blackhatty campaigns for quite awhile now. Ive built a decent campaign and have a great back story and company infrastructure in place which has my AMs fooled as far as where they think my credit reports are coming from.

    Ive been running one campaign for awhile, over the course of the last few months Ive ran 944 clicks and generated 175 leads - for an overall EPC of $3.82 ( it was higher but one of the better performing creditreport offers went down so I had to switch to another one - and theres one more that has a higher payout but it says specifically in the offer description that they don't allow CL leads [but the one im using doesnt ;) so i dont wanna test em on that)

    Ive been pretty dumb with spending over the course of the last month or so and hit some emergencies right after the new years that meant i Had to burn through most of my saved up funds. Now with geoblocking really locking down I'm struggling to maintain the same amount of traffic Ive been pulling from a smaller area.

    What I'm looking for is a partner or two interested in investing in this solid campaign of mine to help get it expanding.

    I'm also thinking about bringing a few people on board who just need somewhere to drive their clicks. Depending on the amount of leads u can push we might be able to help each other (offer washing :rolleyes: i guess??) although my primary concern at this point, is getting the campaign scaled out throughout the US instead of just locally.
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    Don't join this, sounds like scam to me. He must have been banned somewhere around 6 hours ago. Perhaps with a very good reason.