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Need input on my SEO strategy so far

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Groen, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. Groen

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    Nov 7, 2009
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    Hi everyone, recently I started my first (serious) linkbuilding campaign. My site is a mns on a 2 month old domain with very little to none competition for the 6 keywords (1-2k exact searches) which I have selected. About 3 weeks ago I started building a few manual web 2.0s and social bookmarks to my homepage and one out of 6 posts (each post targetting a keyword each). I built 5 web 2.0s, 2 doc sharing links, and 8 social bookmarks to my homepage which targets my main keyword, and 3 web 2.0s, 1 doc share along with 5 social bookmarks to the other page, which is targeting a long tail keyword. All these links have been built manually on high pr domains as well as a few medium pr domains and the web 2.0s and docs all have manually written content, which I consider to be of good quality. Also I've been following Kimi's most recent guide (/blackhat-seo/black-hat-seo/577926-my-second-search-engine-optimization-guide-search-engine-optimization-tips-tricks-insights-kimi.html) when building my money site as well as the backlinks. All this resulted in me ranking in the third page for my main keyword after about a week. Since then my rank have stayed there only moving up and down 1-2 position(s) from day to day. I realized that only 2 of my web 2.0s had been indexed in google after 1-2 weeks even though I pinged them, and therefore I started using various trials of SEO tools such as GSA and Senuke to build some tier 2s 5 days ago (about 5-15 links per day), and just today I started making tier 3s for these tier 2s, yet my main keyword's position remains the same while the other is nowhere to be seen. Now I've got some questions which I'd love to ask you guys. I know that you're supposed to just take action and fail, but I'd rather not mess up my first experience in SEO if it could be avoided. Also I've used exact anchors of my keywords in the web 2.0s and doc sharing sites the majority of time and not at all on my social bookmarks. Now I've got a few questions, which I'd love getting your input on.

    In the tools mentioned above I've been using really crappy content generated with a click in wicked article creator, and I'm a little worried that I've been using too bad content for my tier 2 and 3s or does the content on these tiers even matter? I might just be getting too impatient, but I'd really love to know whether I'm on the right track so far.

    I'd like to know if it's a bad idea to only build links to 2 pages out of 7, and if it's going to look too unnatural only having links from social bookmarks, doc sharing, and web 2.0s?

    Also I'd like to know whether or not it makes a difference building links to www dot domain dot com and domain dot com both to my money site as well as my backlinks?

    Finally, I've been using rankcheckerace (simply a rank tracker) to track my progess as I live in Denmark and this tells me I'm ranking on the bottom of the third page in google. But when I search myself through google com/ncr I find my site on the bottom of the 2nd page, and on google dk I'm nowhere to be found. So I'm really confused as to what rank I'm to believe? It'd kinda suck to believe I was ranking number 1 if I in fact was only ranking in the bottom of page 1.

    As mentioned I might just be too impatient and worried, but I thought why not ask around here, as it is a place for people to share experience. I appreciate any input whether positive or negative as well as your time :)