Need Information: Buying as Paypal Guest (India specific)

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    To the Indian friends here, I need some information on how to buy as a Paypal guest without using my regular verified PP account for it. Please guide me if you have bought something successfully in a similar way.

    I need to buy an application but it is available through Paypal only. I want to use my HDFC bank VCC / debit card for buying it, but the problem is, as a verified Paypal member from India and without a real CC attached to the account, I cannot do a purchase through my regular verified Indian Paypal account (because of the purchase related restrictions for Indian PP account holders).

    But then there is this option to use Paypal as a guest and do the purchase using my VCC / debit card... is it possible?...

    So, as shown in the image below, can I just put the details in the orange box and do a purchase? Or do I need to fill all the details in the form and open a guest account in PP before my payment goes through to the seller?

    I do not want to open another fictitious PP account to do the purchase, and obviously I cannot give them my existing PP account details. So what is the best way in this case? I need to buy the application immediately, so I couldn't do a proper research on G this time. Sorry for that.

    Some additional information in this regards: I think the seller is also from India, but I am not sure about this. I could have contacted him and asked if he can send me the item if I do a bank-to-bank payment but it will take some more time and this purchase is to be done immediately for some unavoidable business reasons. So this bank2bank option is not possible for me ATM.

    Thanks a lot for your help! God Bless!

    Please see this image:


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    If the seller is from India - then you can not use paypal in any case. Paypal does not allow inter India transactions.

    If the seller is outside india, you can buy with VCC, i have done it many times.
    Use a throw away email and you are good.
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