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    Feb 15, 2015
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    Hi. I'm quite disoriented right now.
    I'm under 18 and didn't want to use my parents money for everything, and I'm a gamer.
    To purchase some games on Internet, I used a website to transfer money from my phone to Paypal.
    I was able to purchase games perfectly but i didn't verify my account ( no bank account/credit card, didn't want to use parent's one)

    I bought things over 9$, and now it asks me to verify my account for something less than 5$. I don't get it.Maybe it's because the thing I want to buy is adult only?
    I searched for a few hours and found ways to verify Paypal account, but I want to keep this one for later, when I will be older.

    So I thought of creating a new one with fake Id and transferring money to it but then, problems.
    All the tutorials I have seen had different ways to do so. Create a VCC, a fake bank account, a canadian account because they are automatically verified.

    I'm confused and I don't know what to do now.
    I need help fast because the thing I want to buy is on sale right now and it will be over in less than 6 hours.

    Thanks for reading, if you want more info/explanation ask me, I wait for your answers.
    -Sorry for bad english