Need info about USA electronics affiliates website

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    Hi everyone here ,

    I have the domain buycheap*electro*nics*.*net .
    I whant to have some sort of affiliate website on it with ...
    you could already guess ... electronic products .

    But since im from the netherlands and stoned whole day LoL , i dunno where to find good USA electronics affiliate's to earn some money from .

    I found some website's that offered it but i cant get a payment because they only pay by check ( and i cant get those ) .

    So my question is ...
    Does anyone on BHW knows where do i need to be ...
    I need some good USA affiliate with electronic products like tv's phone's everything ....
    And they need to pay by bank transfer or moneybookers .

    Would be nice if someone could push me in the right direction .

    I dont have any problems with building website's etc , just need to know where to get good affiliate's .
    And if someone has a good id for the website or a good concept please let me know because im still thinking of a good concept .