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Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by safaristyle, Apr 10, 2010.

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    One month earlier I bought some electronic stuff from a shopping site which cost me around $800 and I paid it via paypal. But it's almost 2 month and I still didn't get my stuff....Whenever I contact the selller he used to give me lame excuses... Now when I contact the seller he is saying me that his paypal account is limited and he can't give me the stuff till his account get's fixed...

    So my question is If I dispute right now what's the chance I will get my money back ??
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    There must be a way to get your money back. Contact the PP support
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    Email paypal's claims office through their support contact. Because there is physical merch involved, they will refund your money immediately due to this guy having to then prove he sent it to you on his end. You will be compensated 100% in a chargeback through paypal.

    They are REALLY good about that because they are legally representing the merchant in this case, as they don't protect the consumer in a virtual service environment for refunds. If someone screws you and tells them " He got the service and now just wants to cheat me after the fact. " will be out your money, just as the paypal TOS states.

    Anything you buy online that is virtual; web hosting, site memberships, etc. They don't have to give you that money back if you stay on more than 72 hours. Paypal's policy is that you know if you want the service in a day or so and if you keep it past that point, you have accepted it for that month.

    In your case, you will get an automatic refund, no questions asked.