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    hi guys
    in one of my businesses, I use independent contractors to run the whole business. clients are under the impression that these people work for me...they are under the impression these people are employees.

    one of my independent contractors was supposed to work today...obviously, we need to know what time the IC left, so we know how much to charge client.
    my business partner is a MORON. dammit i am so mad.
    he emailed the client, asking "what time did (name) leave today?"
    now why do i have a problem with this? because now the client will know the guy is an independent contractor...and now, they will try to solicit the IC and cut me out of the deal....its very easy. "how much do you make" "$100" "oh really? we paid your boss $200. how about we pay you $150 and you dont tell them anything?" "sure"

    not only does my business partner dont know shit about SEO and i have done all the SEO, it makes me mad that he makes it look like he is doing all the work and i am doing nothing. god forbid he prints something and staples it...thats too much work. "I am doing all the work, you dont do anything" are words i hear often. When i say i am doing all the seo and without me, there would be no business, he says "i dont need you, i could pay someone on odesk $50 and get rid of you" dammit bitch, you wouldnt know odesk exists if its wasnt for me!

    well...end of rant.
    reason i am posting: client responded: "I dont know what time he left, I have to ask my boss tomorrow."
    if the boss finds out that we dont know, i am sure they will figure it out.
    I need to send a reply...but dont know what to write.
    something like "he didnt come back to the office today so we were worried. but he ended up calling, everything is fine."
    just something neutral and not suspicious. dont want them to know whatsup.
    how do i reply?
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