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Sep 27, 2008
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I bought a while back and used it for a blog for a little while, made a little money, but now im looking to maximize my profit on it, what would you fine folks at bhw recommend :)
I'm with papadre. I don't think the domain name itself is anything out of the ordinary. Nothing really comes to mind on a specific use. Unless its like an anti-masturbation site but I don't think thats what you had in mind:D
haha when i look back it really was a bad thing to buy, like nothing comes to mind at all, will try autoblogging though :D
{EDIT WITH IDEA}Well your anti-masturbation thing did give me an idea, would a "dating tutorial" site seem good? like i could rewrite and sell ebooks on how to get girls, things like that
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make a site that deals with having to pay taxes.:)
You could find someone that makes "beats" as in music on myspace or youtube. Find the person on ms that sells them for say $20 a beat, throw in a CB product on how to get a record deal. Throw a blog up about the music industry pertaining to rap music on the domain, sell the beat and book for $99.97, then turn it into a autoblog

or you could buy the beats find someone to produce alot of beats for a % JV deal , start a membership site for beats, sell the cb book or books and the beats.

Think outside the box...

Rap beats hot niche

I figured with a screen-name like audio you would have thought of this option,lol
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Unless its like an anti-masturbation site

LOL that is actually perfect.

1.Set it up as an anti-maturbation site.
2. Say how god hate's the fap-fap-fap'ers
3.promote e-books on how to get women
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