NEED HUGE HELP: Need Merchant Account that DOesn't Snoop ARound On my Sites

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by momo3, Jul 29, 2010.

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    I have a site that is likely bit too --- black hat -- for my merchant account. When I told them about my sites, I told them all of the sites BUT this one.

    I am paranoid they will eventually find it. Will they? Will they be able to prove it, even if all the processing is via my shopping cart and done on the back end?

    So, instead, I"ve been shopping around at other places and have found a provider that will accept my site, but they are making me do all of these changes to the site, which includes removing names from testimonials, having a double-verification type deal for all my order buttons, removal of countdown timers, etc. They are also charging me like 4% for continuity.

    I also have a pre-checked button on the order form to auto-enroll people into the optional continuity program. I've heard this is looked down on, yet, I see that they are still doing it at DoubleYourDating, and that is a respected site that you'd think would certainly adhere..

    SO what I think is that many merchant accounts vary. Maybe some care and others dont really police things. Is this true?

    What I want to do is ask for forgiveness rather than ask for permission with my current provider. Or, with fresh provider, ask for permission first and not have them police the heck out of my site.

    In other words, I want to just join a merchant account and not disclose this one site I run. OR, be up front about it and not have them wanting me to change tons of stuff before they'll let me run it.

    Also, if my current provider found out about my site, could they put me on the TMF file ? Or is that purely for people who have excessive chargebacks?

    PLEASE anyone who can help I'd really appreciate it.