need help writting a legal letter to kids school

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    My wife's mom is dying and we got her two girls a week ago, well one of them keep getting pick on is school and the school is doing nothing!! For example my wife bought her them to there school to get there homework for the week the teacher told her "the 15yr girl "she did not care about her mom and that is no reason to miss school and now seen her mom might die she is going to be homeless"
    The same day two boy one held her down the other slap her across the face. Me principle say there not much they can do and they doing it all!! which is nothing!!! I live is the USA and bulling is big hot topic right now so I want a letter to send to the superintendent and ect. Any help and advice would be great . Thank you
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    File a complaint with your local Police department (where the school is preferably, or where you reside if it's a different district). This is the formal path, and you bet the school will sit up and take notice. That's the criminal side. The civil side you might consider is taking civil action against the school for not responding to your issues. This you should do through a lawyer.
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    64 Just have him take care of it for you, get it sent certified. And he should be able to take care of what you need to incorporate and what you don't...

    Best of luck
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    You could let her be home schooled for a while. It's a really good experience not having to go to school. But you'll want to get her involved in activities where she can socialize with other kids not in just a school environment so she doesn't get depraved and become a hermit.

    Probably don't want to get lawyers involved as their life is going to be rough enough already and the last thing kids want to talk about with personal matters is total strangers. I speak from experience.

    But if you want her to stay in school I would avoid talking to the principle about it as they are busy enough, and go directly to the school board/superintendent.