Need Help With Xrumer Anti Spam

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    Hi All,

    I am trying to enable Anti Spam on Xrumer and having problems.

    First question is, does anti-spam work with Blogs? I am interested in using Anti-Spam to write blog comments for me and post for me. Is that possible? I am asking b/c user guide use forums but I assume this feature should work on blogs.

    My Problem

    In options -> anti-spam -> method of work

    my option to "enable thematic posting" is disabled. It seems like this is what will make Xrumer turn on antispam and start working for me. Why is this disabled, what do i do to turn it on.

    I wrote to the botmaster himself I am wait for response but I figure I'd make a post here as I am sure there are tons for Xrumer experts here. Please help any insights would be fantastic.