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    What's up everyone? I just registered on the site yesterday. Here's my issue. I was recently arrested for a large amount of weed but I have a good lawyer and a solid defense and hope to get the charges dropped or reduced. My problem is that the arrest articles from the local newspaper and television stations are at the top of the search results for my name. Even though I just finished school with my mba and there is a chance of having the charges reduced or dropped I would still face some difficulties finding a job with all that information about me showing up on google. There's also the future embarrassment from my kids and so on. I've been trying to promote websites about myself with white hat seo and I've had mixed success at it. I read something about using proxy servers to make duplicate websites that would trick google into de-indexing the original page. I wouldn't know how to attempt that though. I've got money available if it's needed to pay someone to help me with this problem. Anyone have any ideas? I'm new to the forum and SEO but I'm a trustworthy guy and serious about getting this information off the internet.
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    Well if I were you I'd try to control all top 10 results for your name. Assuming it's not some common name, you shouldn't have much trouble doing this.

    Maybe the best bet would be to buy a domain with your name and make a blog there. Then write about some random sutff, your daily life, whatever. But make sure that insert your name in every post and create a page "About yourname" where write as long of description as you can about yourself.
    Then do some social media profiles that you don't already have (g+, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, etc) and fill it up with as much description and everything. Interlink everything and blast away your profiles with some fiverr gigs. Those shouldn't be hard to rank for a term like your name.

    Add a few squidoo lenses, hubpages and tumblr posts in to all this, link everything back at your blog and out of all this, you should get control over the first page minus those few articles in a matter of days. Then keep doing SEO to all this, blast your profiles and web 2.0s a bit and do some slow steady backlinking directly to that blog. Eventually your blog posts should outrank everything.

    You could go down the easier route and try to do the same but using a squidoo profile instead of a blog. Squidoo lenses rank very well for low competition keywords. Just make sure that you create account named "yourname". Again treat it just like you would a blog only in this case you don't have to pay for domain and hosting and it will probably rank faster with less work. Comment A LOT on other people's lenses, these comment give loads of juice back.

    Hope this helps.

    Edit: Whatever you do, just don't go down the route of negative SEO trying to get those two penalized sites, it will only backfire on your ass.
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    I just did something similar for someone I know, who is in business, and had his ex-business partner get into some trouble with the law.

    Don't bother focusing on trying to de-index the news sites.

    The low hanging fruit is
    * get your own sites up there ... and they must show off the persona you are interested in portraying
    - Personal website, maybe with resume
    - family website
    - and so forth ...

    * Get your social networking profiles sorted out, and on point ... these are pretty easy to rank
    - LinkedIn
    - Facebook
    - Twitter
    - Quora ... yes, quora
    - and so forth .... there are quite a few of those, including image sites, and even heh!

    * Get web 2.0 blogs built, around topics that you might have some involvement, interest in.
    - Get your name dropped into these blog posts.
    - Get links not just to your site, but also to your social media profiles
    - if you've done an MBA, then you've produced a fair amount of 'papers'. Make sure these are PDF'ed and published anywhere that will accept a PDF submission. You can go crazy with these.
    - Diversity counts

    * Start commenting on esteemed journals that might not even allow links but that allow you to use your real name.
    - Do this manually, manual registration, manual comments that really add value
    - Bonus points for getting your comments 'quoted' in the blogs above.

    And a couple more tricks, including a third tier where you automate/spin content to the main sites + profiles + blog mentions. Then you start blasting links to the third tiers.

    It can be done. If you have the resources, the process can be started pretty quickly.

    A week or two, and you can have the first 5 or so pages so full of mentions of your name that someone would have to be digging really hard to find the new articles.

    The only gotcha is if someone decides to search Google News. There are ways around this, but finding folk who are in Google News who are willing to drop your name into their 'news' articles can get expensive, but it can be done ... and the news articles do get very stale very quickly.

    Let me know if you want help with this.