Need help with Paypal wanting to call me

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by chaser, Nov 21, 2012.

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    I was paying with my paypal and got the following message:

    "For your security we are going to call you to make sure that you own this account."

    "When would you like us to call you?"
    "Call me now"
    "Call me in a minute"

    The phone number on file is incorrect.

    But it is possible to add another one, however if you adding a new one, paypal warns:

    "The address you select must match the one on your phone bill so that we can confirm your phone number."

    They say the address must match the one on a phone bill. But they do not have a phone bill from me. I did never send it.

    So can they check in some way that my address on file does not match the billing address of the phone number I would enter?

    Also what would they ask if called me? Does the auto-caller call or real person and how long does this interview last?

    And will they really call so fast? Just as soon as I click the button!?

    Thanks for help.
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    You can choose cancel..and then they will ask you to answer secret questions... i think 2 of them.
    in worst case scenario, if u have iphone, download TEXT NOW app, and purchase calling option. you will get that for i think 1.99
    its worth if you ask me, cuz obviously you dont have other option. Good luck

    PS. it is autocaller, not real person, you just need to answer that call.
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    In the pink
    If you need to purchase some low cost fake docs to get you out of PayPal
    jams I suggest secondeye. He's a life saver. Has a thread on BST.
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