Need Help with new EDU center!!!

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    Apr 23, 2011
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    Good Morning Gents!

    So one of my clients wants to start an EDU center, in the US.

    Ive started Contact Centers before just never in the EDU space, My company provides consulting and marketing/business stratigies.

    Basically im looking for any Info within this space if you have experience..
    I know in the past few years its become very difficult to develop relationships due to quality and shady companies, however our goal is to please our clients and customers for exactly what they want,

    If you have any experience in the EDU space and can point inthe right direction please PM me or drop a comment.

    If you are in the EDU vertical and willing to start with a small campaign let me know, we provide superior work in all of our verticles.

    This new client is really just looking to drop some money into it and from a consultants POV, something i deff dont want to let go haha

    Mods: if this thread is in the wrong section please PM me and let me know thanks guys!