Need Help With Mass Craigslist Postings.....

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    Ok, so I have practically no computer know how and was pointed in this direction for help. I take it you guys are a bunch of computer geniuses so I could use some help. My business is insurance marketing. I recruit life inurance agents all over the country to contract with us. We help provide sales leads and an outstanding training and sales system, and in turn we make an override on their production.
    HERE'S THE PROBLEM....Lately we have had a lot of success using Craigslist job postings in our recruiting campaign. Recently everything has started to get ghosted, slowing down our incoming recruits drastically. I hear you guys like a challenge, so we are looking for people that could help us do Mass Craiglist Posts........Anyone out there an expert in this area, this could be a long term relationship. I am new to this site so I cannot private messsage yet. I can be reached at Prosurity at Hotmail
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