Need help with landing page for CPA offer

Discussion in 'CPA' started by MajorDreamer, Nov 17, 2011.

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    I read that it is necessary to send traffic to landing page first on which will be link to CPA offer. But I can not understand why! Why can not I send traffic directly to CPA offer landing page which looks much more attractive?

    And what should be written on my landing page? If I advertise free xbox offer then on my landing page should be written "Get free xbox here", right? or something else? Please explain. Any tips are welcome. Thanks.
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    It depends on offer and what you're doing, you can send direct to an offer I do all the time. I do send them through proper first. If you do need a lander yeah just keep it simple, make sure they know where to click and why. You could just get some xbox images for header then yeah under it says Get free xbox here then link. Improve from there onces it's going.
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    As stated above, each offer is different as to whether it can be direct linked or not. Make sure you're checking each offers restrictions or hit up your AM if you aren't sure.

    The main thing with your landing page is that it needs to be clear to the consumer right from the start what they need to do to take action on your offer. Make sure your call to action buttons, banners, or links are above the fold so the consumer doesn't have to scroll down on your LP in order to know what action to take.

    I'll tell you this, no matter how basic and simple your LP is it will almost always convert better with an LP than just direct linking to the offer. This varies from niche to niche, but in general consumers need to build a certain level of trust before taking action on your offer, so the main purpose of your LP is to give them a "buffer" or slight "pre-sell" before they get hit with the actual offer that you're promoting.

    What I just said above is the reality for 9 out of 10 niches.
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