Need Help with Keyword Research -> Website Structure Project

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    I need help with keyword research as it relates to website structure.

    I'll give you three words that fit this format: "speciality" "occupation" "place." You will do keyword research, then organize the results around website elements like pages, posts, categories, etc. You will give me a report on the best way to build a website, what pages, posts and categories it should have based on the best keywords.

    The goal is two fold: 1. I can now build a website, its structure, using your report to me, and 2. I By looking at the keywords and how you organized them I can understand the logic, the connection between the the raw keyword research and the structure you created. Therefore, I can pick three different words in the same categories above, do the KW research and group my results and figure out the best categories, pages, posts for these new words.

    My goal is to build WP websites where every element of it is SEO focused, including its structure and organization.

    If this is something you are interested in, please PM me and quote me a price or ask for details you need to quote me a price. Don't ask me to add you on Skype yet. I like to work out details by message first, and add you later. The working out is important to me, that is what gives me the confidence to hire you.

    Payment via paypal.