Need help with doorway strategy on >6 months+ domains

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by can-do-it, Apr 21, 2010.

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    Hey everyone!
    I'm just a newbie and a big noob for this moment so my big sorry to everybody reading this post! )
    I need your advice.
    What I have is:
    - many (3k+) domains that were never used for seo purposes, 6 months+ old
    - a lot of licenses of doorway generators' software
    - a lot of servers with many ips (we are hosting company, so we have our own lirs)
    - licence of xrumer software
    What I need is:
    Your help to use all this shit ) Sorry for my stupid joke. I need a simple strategy - just to start my experience.
    My thoughts are as following:
    1. make doorways (1 ip - 50 doorways)
    2. post these doorways sitemaps to social bookmarking (i have special software) & blogspot to get them indexed
    3. spam doorway links with xrumer
    4. profit?
    Maybe someone can advice a software or working schemes (I do not need a lot of details, I think I will understand it) or common mistakes newbies make - everything is good for me!
    Many thanks to everybody posting here! )

    Best regards,
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    For a "noob" you sure started out cashed up and with quite a few domains and toys..
    3k domains..sounds like bullshit unless you are talking subdomains..
    Common mistake..over spamming new subs with a zillion backlinks...might kill the root domain..
    Unless you split the root domain away from the subdomain..which sometimes works..

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