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Oct 7, 2008
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I'm trying to cloak my link so I can hide my affiliate id? I'm using tiny url but it currently shows my aff id. Can someone please explain to me how to hide my aff link? Thanks!
this for a clickbank?
once they click on the link it will show your ID for the clickbank product.
unless you iframe the site.

here is a nice tool for iframing your affiliate link,
cloak and iframe, you'll see your affiliate in the source code only.
prosper202.... if u have your own dmain an hosting..
I'm trying to cloak cpa link offers. For instance if I use tiny url it will show the link coming from tiny url. When they click the link my aff id is right there... that's my issue
I made a post that will hide your Affiliate link. If it helps, hit the thanks button. ;)

All I need these days is Absolutely brilliant site that masks and keeps the same url in the address bar AND doesnt interfere with tracking either, well at least not with Neverblue anyway....Hope this helps
Haha, that's a cool little website, thanks. The only problem is it puts ads all over. :(
Do I need to make a new page for every link, or make one page for multiple links? I have a site that I run maybe 80 links, and I have been using JS code. I have just tried the renegade cloaker, and hot-link but I cant get Ioncube to work on my gdaddy linux hosting.
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