Need help with chaturbate whitelabel and DNS on Freenom


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Mar 18, 2018
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I added Chaturbates IP address and my domain name i bought and what not. That was fine until they asked me to add a CNAME with ""

I want to have my domain name that i have as my url rather than

Below i copied and pasted exactly what it says on the whitelabel section of the website. I know they give out instruction but ive tried this and some other stuff and they dont seem to work.
With Freenom you need to fill out



Ive tried putting as Target and CNAME as Type, but this doesnt work. i have tried with chaturbates ip address too and that doesnt work either. When adding a TXT to verify my website i didnt need a "name" or ip address

White Labels
Domains for (xxxxxxx): (xxxxxx)
[Add] a new subdomain.

Domain Created Status Actions

DNS Record is incorrect: There is no CNAME record at this domain yet. Please set to
DNS Records may take a few hours to update.

DNS Setup
To setup your whitelabel domain you must set a CNAME record for every subdomain pointing to exactly the dot at the end is required. Do not replace "whitelabel" with your whitelabel name.

Important: You must remove the previous A record for whitelabels if set

Redirecting the domain apex
As CNAME records cannot be added to the domain apex, we provide a redirect solution. This should only be used if you've added the www subdomain.

To redirect to, please create an A record on xxxxxxx to (specific ip address and not chaturbates own)

xxxxxxxxx. IN A (IP address)
Domain apex redirect is not setup
Default subdomain
The default subdomain is the one used in emails to users that link back to your whitelabel.


Sep 21, 2014
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First you create a subdomain at chaturbate, like, than you add your domain in there at the chaturbate admin.
Than you go to the registrar and point your domain to this whitelabel with cname, just add the things mentioned in the cb-admin:
ttl 172816
name www or nothing, so it goes to
type (maybe 3th party,that's an option at my registrar)