Need help with canonical tag!

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    I need help with something!

    I have some free high PR blogs and a YouTube video that I want to rank for a really low competition keyword. Since the blogs are free I can?t use 301 redirects so I?ve been trying to use the rel="canonical" tag, pointing it back to the YouTube video URL.

    I copy the description of the YouTube video, paste it in all the blogs and then I use the tag. After a quick ping the blogs are crawled by Google. When searching for them the YouTube video shows up in the first place (as it should ? this means the tag was recognized).
    This way I don?t have to create new content.

    After I did this with the first blog I noticed a SERP change: 2nd page to middle of 1st page. However after repeating this with other blogs I went back to page 2.

    Do you think I was penalized for abusing the rel="canonical" tag?

    Please share your opinions.

    Thank you
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    How old are these blogs? I'm pretty sure it's just a Google dance, and there's nothing to worry about/no such thing as "canonical abuse", lol. Google encourages use of the tag, to keep things in order. Can't have too much of a good thing.
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    As the first blog is moving to first page, it is good sign. You can increase other quality backlinks to it. penalty can get you out of top 100 positions or consistent drops. Increase views of youtube as well to make sure everything progresses.
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