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Need Help With an SEO Plan in 2014? I Interview Influential SEO Bloggers On Their Thoughts

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by IProvideSEO, Jan 13, 2014.

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    Apr 30, 2013
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    Here is a Q & A with some of the most influential SEO bloggers and internet marketers as I ask them about their thoughts of current SEO strategies, Bold predictions heading into 2014, and comments about Google's busy year in 2013.

    Last year the SEO industry saw some more aggressive updates to Google's algorithm which continue to make it harder for spammy tactics, low quality content and ranking with automated software. As more people look to alternative marketing methods such as social media marketing, video marketing and online advertising, I want to advise not to give up on SEO!

    SEO can still be very profitable with the right strategies and products/services. I conducted an interview with 12 SEO and internet marketers about what they are doing to stay active in SEO, to share new strategies, old strategies that they avoid now and their thoughts on the latest Google updates.

    Here is a summary of the answers

    • We are seeing that the changes Google has made to their algorithms are being favored, because it rewards people who focus on creating great websites with quality content.
    • There are still those who prefer black/grey hat tactics over white hat tactics for generating traffic. In my opinion, the whole white hat vs black hat terminology is a great publicity stunt for Google to get devoted followers for being ?good?. It is just marketing preferences and what works for some isn?t profitable work for others. Focusing on the facts and real results is the way smart online marketers think.
    • Charles made a great point that the aggressive updates with penalties may cause the real spammers to dig into more aggressive and truly illegal tactics such as hacking websites. I have seen competitors create widgets/plug-ins that place a hidden link on your site that can only be found in the source code. Hopefully, Google will focus their efforts on stopping these kinds of devious tactics that are truly harmful.
    • Citation building seems to be a popular new strategy.
    • Utilizing Google + and authorship has been and will continue to be more important.
    • Social signals still haven?t made as big of an impact in rankings.
    • SEO should be part of an overall internet marketing strategy. Don?t just rely on free organic traffic, think about utilizing social media, PR, videos, infographics, relevant forums and advertising.
    To view the full Q & A you can visit my SEO experiments blog in my signature below. Let me know if you have any comments or questions about SEO strategies in 2014