Need help with 180 day hold on paypal limited.


Jan 25, 2014
Helo folks

how are u>?

Well i have 250 $ in my paypal account and suddenly it got limited lol:)

i sell a hermes authentic belt.

Can u plz help me that how can i get it back?

Either you submit them the whole proofs or else just hold on for the days they will directly get deposited to your bank account after the limited days
I don't think he can submit proofs, and what if he used a VCC?
Try to hire someone who can get you a driving license or governent photo id and address proof to match your documents on paypal.
This is the only way you can remove limitations or you'll have to wait for 180 days before you can withdraw your money.
This is why paypal sucks.

Put $5 on Skype and call them to get a more clear explanation to why you have been limited.

When you use for first time PayPal to sell goods online, they will usually hold your money for 30 days to see if you get any charge back and to make your account more trusted, but a limit for 180 days is way too much.
i just use thia trk to refund the money to buyyer but now the buyyer is not paying me lol
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