Need Help w mass planner help! plz

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by whodunit27, Oct 15, 2015.

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    please help, i cant figure out how to follow/like/comment on 1 user by keyword/ hashtag

    im posting here because i contacted support multiple times and either they dont understand my question or i wasnt clear "but i thought i was...

    looking to follow / like / comment on the same user by hashtag

    for some reason when i run mass planner for hours i get no followrs back

    (but when i use instagress i get around 50 per hour)

    somebody please help........

    thank you all BHW fam
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    Hmm, not sure who answered to the support ticket and he was unclear, let me know your email via pm and I will check the tickets and see what happened.

    As for your question, it depends on how many filters you set up, if you're very picky with the filters and set everything up like have picture, have bio with minimum number of characters and so on a lot of the people it find won't pass those filters and it will try to find new ones.

    As for follow / like /comment, you want to do these actions one after another for the same user to increase the chances of a follow back? If so, in the follow tool you can enable "like latest posts of user" and it will do that, currently nothing about comment but we can add that as well. If you want to comment on posts from specific users in the comment tool in sources enable comment on specific user posts and add the user there one per line.