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    I have been a member of a stock trading forum in my local community for a long time. We all members are helping each other like a family on that forum. Last night i had noticed that someone taken the administrative power from the forum admin and deleted his account. So, the forum is basically hacked. The admin is a good guy and he trusted his hosting company.

    The particular forum runs in phpbb platform. forum address is and its about Dhaka Stock Exchange which is our local stock exchange. Last night Admin called in my cell phone and told about the incident, also sent an email to all members. Below is the copy of the mail.

    After reading the mail u guys can understand that he dont have any backup of the forum database, which is full of valuable posts over the year. So, is there any way we can get the database of the forum. any way to login as an administrator.

    Please help us... we are in big trouble.