Need help transfering website to new host/domain... just bought it on flippa...

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by FlyinTurdNugget, Apr 2, 2012.

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    How do I do this? He wants to push the domain to my godaddy account. I don't have hosting on godaddy, I have it on namecheap, so obviously that's where I want it. I also bought a new domain for the site and it's on my hosting account on namecheap.

    He has sent me the .rar file for the site but I don't really know how to upload it to my account through cpanel (ie wht folder to put it in, do I install WP first, etc)

    Can I upload all the files to my hosting/domain and then when he pushes the old domain over to me on godaddy, I can just redirect it to the new domain?

    How does all this work? Sorry I'm a newb at this stuff.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    You can easily register a new account on Godaddy so that he can push you the domain. Regarding restoring that site to your current web, I would suggest you to hire a professional instead of trying to mess around. If you need help feel free to PM me.
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    As ugjunk said you will need to create a Godaddy account for him to push the domain to. There are two elements to the transfer.

    2) The files\database
    1) The domain

    1) The domain. You can keep this on Godaddy or request a transfer to namecheap. I suggest just keeping the domain on GoDaddy and pointing it to your NameCheap hosting account. You can call up namecheap to get the nameservers associated with your account. You will enter these into GoDaddy.

    2) The files. You can simply upload these via FTP into your namecheap account's public_html folder (assuming you created the domain under your account). As for the databases you can restore these via PHPMyAdmin. I'm sure if you call namecheap or open a ticket they will do this for you.