Need help to do a Journey to page one on google

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by seoocean, Mar 2, 2012.

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    My Dear All BHW Family member,
    First of all sorry If I am posting in wrong place , I am member of BHW from last some months and I love to read people experience on different things which they posted here.
    Today I am seeking help from my own BHW family to rank one of the my keyword which exact search is 1,35,000 and Competition is low , my site is ranking currently on 26th place. I want to take that first 5. Please suggest me some of the methods which can help me to rank it at the top. I am fine with paid services also but personal request to all senior member that if they can understand my budget constraint and suggest me it will be good. I have some of the tools like traffic Travis , Scrapebox etc. Please PM me if you want to help me personally.
    Note:- please suggest only those methods which are Google safe ( If black hat).
    All the suggestion are valuable to your this newbie family members. I am extremely sorry if I have done or ask anything wrong in advance.
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    Good luck bud. I'll advise you not to use tools if you don't know anything about SEO since automation was mainly made to ease up a repetitive task. Also, read the forums for some ranking methods. Use the search button & google for any questions you might have, and if you need clarification, ask on the forum.

    Lastly, check out SEOmoz to get some tips about SEO and keep updated with Google's new algo's. SEO is mainly based on testing, so test, test, and test some more. Wish you luck.
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    My best rankings have been the result of paid for private blog networks, thats all you need to know, now go do some research :)