Need HELP! Taiking part of a startup competition and want to win that!

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    Hey Fellow Blackhatters,

    I normally do not ask for help, but this is a real emergency. We have worked 24 hours on something that may be interesting to movie and book fans. Our brand new service Talepath lets you link movies (and books) to places. We think it's a great way to discover new films, follow your favourite movie in real life and make travel more interesting. Take a look

    and let us know your thoughts.

    but What I would love you to do!

    Pls submit @ least one ( can be more) of your favorite movie (s) to our database and add also a location that is related with the movie.

    I have 15 hours to go til the end of the competition.

    I will keep you surely in touch and tell you guys tomorrow what was our end result!

    Thanks in advance,


    btw - the competition is (#garage48)

    Many thanks!