Need help Senuke not deleting sites

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    Okay, in the new account creation section of Senuke, I added around 1,000 extra sites to have accounts created on. After running it, I now have about 700 new accounts from the 1,000 I added. Here is where my problem is, Im trying to delete the 300 that have either been skipped, or simply failed. But if you follow the directions from Senuke forum you wind up not being able to delete any sites. Is anyone else have this problem because Im going nuts trying to figure out a way to get rid of them. Senuke forum suggested editing the xml file, but I think thats just stupid, because its going to revert back to the same thing with every update.
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    If you highlight them in the account creation page (or check them) you can right click and delete them from there.

    Alternatively you can edit the aclistud.xml file and remove whatever sites you want from there (you'll also have to remove them from whichever module they apply to to prevent clutter).