Need help removing a negative blog post and predictive search result.

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    Mar 5, 2014
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    I could do with some help with a thorn in my side that has turned septic.
    Back in March 2012 someone registered mybrand on blogspot and wrote a post attacking my business.
    Despite the fact that this blog has no links to it and has not been updated in 2 years it now ranks on the front page when people search for my business.
    I have done everything I can to push it off the front page but it constantly ranks above my twitter/vimeo/g+/500px/Flickr/blogspot pages despite spending 12 months constantly adding unique content and building followers and backlinks to them.
    To make things worse the search term "mybrand review" now appears when people search for my business and the top result is this damn page.
    How the hell can I sink this goddam page?