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NEED HELP l Buiding an app l questions and answers l

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by lbdag, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. lbdag

    lbdag Junior Member

    May 6, 2012
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    Whats up everyone, ive came up with a cool idea for an app. It has to do with using a method like ping .fm api, which is now seesmi I'm not a coder, i;m just an innovative thinker. But I'm trying to figure out how to find someone that can reconfigure seesmic script--- if necessary.

    NOTE-- ping .fm/seesmic is a website that lets you post to multiple social networking websites. What i'm trying to do is find someone who can reconfigure something like that and create an auto poster for other sites non social network related. REMEMBER-- I'm not a coder so don't expect me to explain it as effective as I would like.

    part 1
    1. Okay so basically I want to come up with a list of 100 great websites -- ex. article sites.
    2. gather all the coding script log in information for all the sites etc -
    3. for every user that logs in, it auto builds a unique code for the user so that they dont need to log in twice.
    4. build simple website and put nessasary post coding compatible to all websites - to post to all websites effectively.
    5. create small website icons on the viewers dashboard, to add websites it wants to post to - coding most effective to the point that the user dont have to sign in to which every sites they choose.

    part 2
    okay, so thats the first part of the coding and building the website. Now the next step is converting the code from a website to an app.
    To keep things simple, whoever downloads the app have to sign up on the website first and plug in all the sites they want to post to.
    Now there all set posting away to multiple sites.

    part 3
    Now for the user side, lets say all 100 sites gets up to 10,000 visitors per day. So we build a viewer side of the app - NOT WEBSITE- and get 5 percent of each website visitors coming from our app. Lets do the math - 10,000 vistiors times 0.05 percent equal 500 visitors from each website per day . 500 visitors times 100 websites equal 50,000 visits from our app. - Note - our advantage is that the percentage of websites dont have a app, and if they do, it want be as convenient as ours, giving the viewer more selection to choose from.
    part 4

    Okay heres the part were i get confused, because i dont know the laws on apps. Okay, basically now that we have the viewers. when the programmer sends the viewer to the site it wants to visit, I want a boarder displaying an ad either on the top or bottom, keeping the viewer within the app dimension. QUESTION- is this legal to post ads on a website that I don't own as long as there some how inside the app.

    Thoughts - I was wondering i could use imacros to build the code for all the websites and some how convert the program into a website and application. REMINDER - im not a programmer, just a thought. Do anyone know legit people or website were i can find someone that's professional and thats not going to charge the hell out of me. The only legit source i know of is fiverr :rolleyes: -lmao. I need estimates, answers , etc.